Conditions of stay

1) General information
Accommodation Kobylnice provides accommodation to all interested parties - natural and legal persons, persons under 18 years of age can use the services accompanied by persons over 18 years of age. The contractual relationship between the customer and the lessor is established on the basis of the completed order by dispatch and delivery. The contractual relationship is legally concluded upon payment of the first installment (advance payment) by the customer.

2) Facility equipment
The number of beds, including extra beds, is determined as the maximum number of people, including children, that can be accommodated in the building. A larger number of people must always be agreed with the lessor in advance.

The building has basic equipment: drinking water, toilet, electricity, equipped kitchen with cooking facilities, bathroom, bed linen. Detailed equipment of the entire facility is listed on the facility's website.

These are weekly and off-season weekend stays. Arrival is always on Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. We ask guests who cannot keep this time to contact the landlord by phone and agree on a planned arrival time. Closing always on Saturday, no later than 10:00 a.m. The lessor, or representative, awaits guests directly at the property. In the off-season, shorter stays can be arranged with arrival according to the guests' request (see price list).

On the spot, the guests pay the lessor a local fee to the municipal office (CZK 50 accommodation fee per person 18-70 years old per day) against the issued confirmation. After taking over the object, the guests will deposit a deposit of CZK 2,000, which will be returned to the guests after the object is returned to the lessor in a faultless manner at the end of the stay.

Bed linen is available and included in the price. Reasonable consumption of cold and hot water and electricity is included in the price of the stay.

Further commercial use and resale of the object to third parties is not permitted.

Guests are required to perform a basic final cleaning before departure: vacuuming, mopping floors, washing dishes, kitchen, bathroom, cleaning the terrace and cleaning the grill in the summer months). For failure to perform final cleaning, the lessor is entitled to demand a payment of CZK 2,000. This amount will be deducted from the security deposit. It is possible to arrange with the lessor (at least 4 days before departure) departure without cleaning, which is charged for the amount of CZK 1,000. As part of handing over the property undamaged and clean, we ask guests to bring slippers with them for their stay.

In the event of a device malfunction, the guests inform the landlord about the malfunction by phone, who will try to fix the malfunction in the shortest possible time. The lessor's phone number is listed in the arrival instructions. If the guests cause damage to the lessor, they are obliged to report it to the lessor immediately and to agree with him on its payment.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the holiday home.

3) Stay order
Send the "RESERVATION FORM" using the online reservation. At the same time, you will be emailed the information needed to pay the deposit for the stay to the lessor's account (account number, bank code, variable and constant symbol). We recommend printing this information and following the instructions!

The lessor will make a binding reservation for you on the day the deposit for the stay is credited to the lessor's account. After payment of the first installment, we will send you an electronic "Confirmation of receipt of advance payment for stay" by mail. By paying the deposit, the client confirms his final agreement with the conditions of the stay. You will be asked to pay 6 weeks before your stay (unless it is a last minute or other special offer). As soon as we have received the additional payment, we will send you a "Confirmation of mediation of the stay reservation" (accommodation voucher), which contains other necessary information, such as a description of the route to the object and the landlord's telephone number. You can prove yourself with this accommodation voucher upon check-in.

For orders made less than 31 days before the start of the stay, the binding reservation of the stay is made on the day the total payment of the stay is credited to the lessor's account!

For a New Year's Eve stay, a binding reservation is made after crediting the total amount for the stay to the lessor's account.

4) Payment of stay
Send (pay) the deposit for the stay so that it is credited to the account no later than 5 working days after sending the order! For a successful reservation for invoiced stays, compliance with the due date stated on the invoice is a condition!

The customer pays the deposit for the stay by money order, postal order type A (received by the customer at every post office) or by depositing the amount in cash to the lessor's bank account so that the amount is credited to the account no later than 5:00 p.m. on the fifth working day after making the reservation ( bank transfer or payment by direct debit can take up to 3 working days!) You will be asked to pay the additional payment 6 weeks before the start of your stay. If the supplement is not paid within 30 days before the start of the stay without justification, the stay is automatically canceled and the deposit is forfeited. In the case of a last minute offer, the customer is obliged to pay the entire amount for the stay no later than 4 days before boarding.

We offer customers who have the opportunity to use a financial contribution from their employer to use this option. As part of our intermediary activity, we will ensure